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Shasta College
  • Position Number: 5002479
  • Location: Redding, CA
  • Position Type: Medicine - Nursing
Description of Basic Functions and Responsibilities

The Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint Community College District (Shasta College) sits at the northern end of the Sacramento Valley, surrounded by mountains to the north, east, and west. The area provides a wide array of outdoor amenities and activities with miles of hiking and biking trails, national parks, two lakes, and the Sacramento River. The main campus is located in the city of Redding, population 90,000. The area is characterized by excellent schools with high graduation rates, low traffic, and low housing prices (Zillow average $393,000 vs. California state average of $770,000).

Shasta College is committed to providing its diverse student population with equitable education outcomes, contributing to the social, cultural, intellectual, and economic development of our communities. The college has been recognized as a leader in developing and implementing innovative education programs to increase student success, including accelerated pathways for high school students to achieve a bachelor's degree and for returning students to complete their Associate and Bachelor's degrees. Shasta College enrolls more than 11,000 students annually and provides educational services to students with a wide range of skills and abilities.

Our ideal candidate is motivated to join a campus community prioritizing the success of our racially and socio-economically diverse staff and student population. Providing equitable outcomes so all members of our community may enjoy safe, healthy, and vibrant educational and employment environments is critical to our success.

Part-time instructors at Shasta College enjoy significant flexibility in balancing their work schedule with other priorities. Part-time teaching in the California Community College system offers a unique opportunity to empower students to improve their lives and communities while maintaining a healthy work-life balance and pursuing other interests. Our part-time faculty engage with a diverse student population, facilitating equitable outcomes for all students seeking enrichment through our academic programs. As a part-time faculty member at Shasta College, you will join a vibrant community of educators working together to provide a positive, healthy educational environment where our students experience diverse academic and cultural perspectives. With flexible schedules, the ability to control your work hours, and opportunities to improve the quality of our communities, teaching part-time at Shasta College is a highly rewarding and enriching employment experience.

The Shasta College division of Health Sciences is seeking to build a pool of qualified applicants for possible part-time instruction. Applicants should have previous teaching experience and experience web-enhancing or delivering courses online. We will respond to applications based on our current needs. If Shasta College no longer has a need for this advertisement, and the position has been filled prior to the closing date, this advertisement will be removed from the website.
The Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Community College District is a collaborative and inclusive organization that strives for equity and equal opportunity and that serves a diverse student population.

Under administrative leadership, it is the responsibility of the Associate Degree Nursing instructor to teach Associate Degree Nursing classes, arrange clinical experiences complying with agency requirements, to participate in processes that will result in continuous improvement of instruction and programs, student success and completion, and advancement of the vision, mission, and values of Shasta College. The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate that they are broadly prepared and have a depth of knowledge in the discipline.

All Temporary Part-time Instructors are compensated in accordance with the terms of the collective bargaining agreement between Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint Community College District and Shasta College Faculty Association/CTA/NEA.

Typical Duties, Knowledge and Ability


  • Ability to work effectively and harmoniously with colleagues in an environment that promotes innovation, teaching, learning, and service to a diverse student population;
  • Ability to effectively work with students with a wide range of skills, motivations, academic, and vocational goals;
  • Ability to design and deliver courses, including courses delivered via different modalities;
  • Ability to participate in recruitment and articulation activities with local schools, colleges and universities;
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain subject matter currency;
  • May serve as content expert as required by the Board of Registered Nursing;
  • Ability to assess student learning outcomes;
  • Knowledge of and willingness to explore new technologies and teaching practices that would benefit students and programs;
  • Experience that indicates a sensitivity to and an understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, including those with physical and learning disabilities;
  • Knowledge of and commitment to the California community college mission.
Responsibilities designated below are primary to the instructor role.
Classroom Responsibilities:
  • Meet classes/laboratories/clinical assignments on days and times according to the current academic calendar, recognizing the unique calendars and schedules of healthcare workers related to clinical assignments, in order to fulfill student learning objectives.
  • Develop and implement instruction for each class and clinical assignment, consistent with the official course outline and District guidelines.
  • For online and hybrid courses, maintain online course components, including asynchronous or synchronous content delivery, as required by the teaching assignment.
  • For online and hybrid courses, provide regular student-student and student-instructor contact.
  • During the first week of class, develop and distribute a written syllabus for each course to communicate to students the course description, objectives, grading, testing, attendance, and other requirements. Follow District guidelines on syllabus content.
  • Demonstrate respect for student rights as specified in District policy and applicable laws.
  • Submit requisitions for textbooks and instructional materials in a timely manner and with consideration of cost to the student.
  • Refer students to remediation and related student services when appropriate.
  • Supervise students in clinical activities when participation is expected as part of a course requirement or where such supervision is part of the instructor's load. Supervision may also include oversite of a qualified instructor who has direct contact and responsibility for students in clinical activities, both on- or off-campus.
  • Provide academic assistance and related services to individual and groups of students during scheduled office hours. Office hours shall be offered during times that accommodate student schedules and may be conducted through a combination of in-the-office and clinical site meetings. Instructors are expected to adhere to posted office hours.
  • Participate in professional development to remain current on one's discipline.
  • Provide regular, timely feedback to students; return all graded work in a timely fashion.
  • Assign final grades for courses as required by District policy, administrative procedures, California Education Code, and Title 5.
  • Submit required administrative paperwork, including student learning outcomes in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Provide supervisory role in reviewing and confirming that grades submitted by Assistant Instructors and Clinical Teaching Assistants are awarded according to program and college guidelines and standards.
Additional Responsibilities:
  • Develop goals and objectives of the program; assisting with accreditation review and documentation.
  • Schedule, announce to students in all classes and to division staff, and maintain office hours.
  • Maintain clinical competency as defined by the Board of Registered Nursing.
  • Participate in the process of participatory governance through District participatory, ad hoc, or advisory committees.
  • Participate in the curriculum review process within established cycles; develop new courses in response to student or community needs.
  • Participate in program review and annual planning within established cycles.
  • Participate in selection (hiring) processes as needed.
  • Attend and participate in department and division meetings.
  • Assess learning outcomes and participate in learning outcomes processes.
  • Participate in required professional development activities that result in improved pedagogy leading to student success and completion including program orientation activities (e.g., curriculum development, policies & procedures, strategies for teaching, and student supervision and evaluation).
  • Continue to develop professional skills and remain current in subject matter knowledge through working in the clinical setting, attending workshops and conferences, completing coursework, or obtaining continuing education hours.
  • Meet all flex requirements as described in the faculty collective bargaining agreement.
  • Participate in the evaluation process as described in the faculty collective bargaining agreement.
  • Keep and submit official records required by District policy and administrative procedures and BRN program guidelines.
  • Maintain Board of Registered Nursing "Report of Faculty" form as directed by the ADN Program Director.
  • Abide by District policies concerning District property and safety.
  • Report absences due to illness or for personal necessity to the supervising administrator.
  • Recommend purchases of instructional supplies and equipment as needed.
  • Fulfill all obligations as established in the current collective bargaining agreement.
  • Assist, as needed, in mentoring new peers and colleagues to help ensure consistent educational services to students and support of District and BRN policies and procedures.
Other Activities:
Part-time faculty are encouraged to engage in the following activities, but these are not required. Some of these activities may be eligible for flex pay or stipends.
  • Schedule and maintain office hour days and times and ensure that they are clearly communicated to announce to students in all classes and to division staff, and maintain office hours.
  • Participate in the process of participatory governance through District participatory, ad hoc, or advisory committees.
  • Participate in the curriculum review process within established cycles; develop new courses in response to student or community needs.
  • Participate in program review and annual planning within established cycles.
  • Attend and participate in department and division meetings.
  • Assess learning outcomes and participate in learning outcomes processes.
  • Participate in required professional development activities that result in improved pedagogy leading to student success and completion.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Master's or higher degree in Nursing
  • Bachelor's degree in nursing AND a Master's in health education or health science or the equivalent.
Master's degree with a teaching component is preferred, but not required. Successful applicants without a teaching component will be required to complete an approved Board of Registered Nursing Instructional Remediation Plan or demonstrate that they have taught theory in a pre- or post-licensure program to meet this qualification.

Discipline-Specific Requirements
  • Valid, active California RN license required.
  • Direct patient care experience within the previous five (5) years that can be met by:
    1. Minimum of one year of continuous, full-time or its equivalent experience as a Registered nurse providing direct patient care
    2. Minimum of one academic year of registered nurse level clinical teaching experience met by:
  • Teaching in a pre- or post-licensure registered nursing educational program for one academic year OR
  • Completion of a post-baccalaureate registered nursing educational course that includes practice in teaching registered nursing given by an accredited college or nursing school. Course includes teaching strategies, course outline and lesson plan development, evaluation, and practice teaching.
  • Validated clinical competence -- possesses and exercises the degree of learning, skill, care and experience ordinarily possessed and exercised by staff level registered nurses.
  • Eligible for Nursing Faculty approval with the Board of Registered Nursing at the Instructor level
  • Meet clinical competency requirements and approval to supervise/instruct students in assigned clinical agencies.

The state of California has established minimum qualifications for academic positions in California Community Colleges to promote professionalism, instructional integrity, and academic rigor. The primary minimum qualification for academic positions is an advanced degree in the relevant subject matter for the position. Applicants who do not meet the minimum education requirement(s) for a discipline may still be qualified for the position, if they can demonstrate they have acquired the knowledge, skills, and abilities conferred in the degree program through any combination of education and experience.Shasta College is committed to providing equal employment opportunity to all candidates and strongly encourages candidates who believe they meet the minimum qualifications for a position through equivalency to apply for consideration. The Shasta College Academic Senate has established standards for determining equivalency in faculty positions, which are described here: (Download PDF reader) (Download PDF reader)
Please note the Equivalency Committee will consider only those applicants who formally request equivalency consideration. Candidates applying for equivalency must provide evidence demonstrating they possess equivalent qualifications prior to the closing date stated in the job announcement. Candidates interested in equivalency must state their interest in a cover letter and briefly summarize how they meet the minimum qualifications for the position and attach all relevant evidence demonstrating equivalency to their application.The committee will review all documents sent by the candidate and shall approve or disapprove equivalency following the guidelines in the Procedure for Establishing Equivalency.

Questions regarding the application process, including equivalency, may be directed to the Shasta College Human Resources Department at (530) 242-7640 or

Additional Information

To be considered a candidate for this position, the applicant must submit the following materials:

Online Application with Additional Required Materials to be attached to application:
  • Cover letter addressing criteria listed in the position announcement
  • Current resume
  • College transcripts (unofficial will be accepted at the time of application)
The Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint Community College District ("Shasta College") does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religious preference, age, disability (physical and mental), pregnancy (including pregnancy, childbirth, and medical conditions related to pregnancy or childbirth), gender identity, sexual orientation, genetics, military or veteran status or any other characteristic protected by applicable law in admission and access to, or treatment in employment, educational programs or activities at any of its campuses. Shasta College also prohibits harassment on any of these bases, including sexual harassment, as well as sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

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